The dog is my work of fiction. I have only started it. That is, I know what the first line is. I know what the place is. I know what the room is. The dog is a version of me that meditates and thinks of tools. It is my work of fiction but it could be our work of fiction. One way or another time moves all around.

ABRACADABRA. this is the cache of my thoughts that are either meager or overly grandiose. all texts included reject the idea of philosophy entirely in favor of basic social commentary and petty insight

the multi is my game. I am making it so i can play it. It is a tactical board game/RPG set in David Icke's world of fantastic reality. sometimes i want to call it "KILL REPTOIDS!" but the multiple elements of the game are meant to blend. I am working on a virtual component in which to store other components currently, though it is a long way out.